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LAST UPDATED: 27th February 2021

  • Latest Updates
    • 27-02-2021: Reserve your preferred time slot here to view the One Pearl Bank Showflat and receive our most Up-To-Date Prices + Discounts.
    • 01-07-2020: Our 6% + 2% Discount Promotion has been extended! Check out the latest One Pearl Bank Price List now.
    • 20-06-2020: Our Showflat is available for viewing by appointment only. Book An Appointment early to choose your preferred time slot.
    • 01-05-2020: New Promotion of 6% + 2% off our list price! Contact Us now to find out more.
    • 16-04-2020: We’re still selling during Circuit Breaker! Check out our Balance Unit Chart. Updated daily.
    • 18-07-2019: Take a look at the full One Pearl Bank Floor Plans.
    • 12-07-2019: Check your loan eligibility with our Max Loan Eligibility Calculator (TDSR).
    • 11-07-2019: Take a look at our newly added Elevation Chart.
    • 10-07-2019: Check out the newly updated One Pearl Bank Gallery !
    • 08-07-2019: Just released! One Pearl Bank E-Brochure hot from the oven.
    • 28-06-2019: Updated Site Plan for One Pearl Bank released.
    • 22-06-2019: The latest One Pearl Bank Location Map.
    • 15-06-2019: Full Project Details for One Pearl Bank have been updated!
    • 20-05-2019: Read more about the developer behind this iconic development of One Pearl Bank.
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